My self-made 3D-printable designs, mainly in OpenSCAD
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Thomas Buck 0468dd7eaa added first rail laser test 1 year ago
700tvl back Added 700TVL FPV camera backplate 5 years ago
Abus Smoke Detector Holder Added Abus Smoke detector holder 5 years ago
BottleCap Slight changes to co2 bottle cap adapter 2 years ago
Display Holder Slight tweaks to FabMin display holder 3 years ago
ESR Meter ESR Meter publish 5 years ago
Fan Feet Published Fan Feet 5 years ago
Filament Sensor Added simple optical Filament Runout Sensor 5 years ago
Lens Cap Added Lens Cap 5 years ago
Quadcopter Created my own Copter design. 5 years ago
Quanum Trifecta Added GoPro screw knob and some photos 5 years ago
SlicingProfiles Moved slicing profiles into folder 3 years ago
Solder Holder New STLs for Small Solder Holder 5 years ago
Spool Holder Added Spool Holder 5 years ago
Thumb Screw Bigger Thumb Screws 5 years ago
Universal Sign add universal dual-color sign 2 years ago
Webcam Holder Uploaded Webcam Holder 5 years ago
Y-Axis Fan Tweaked Y-axis fan holder 5 years ago
Z-Axis Fan Uploaded Z-Axis Fan 5 years ago
Z-Axis Wobble Fix Added licensing to Z-axis wobble fix 5 years ago
cocktail-maschine add cocktail machine lid 2 years ago
fab-min-raspi-relay-mount Added FabMin raspi0 and relay board mounts 3 years ago
firework_15mm improved 15mm firework launcher 2 years ago
i3_power_button Added i3 Power button mount 3 years ago
lian-li-hdd-cage Add pics for hdd cage 2 years ago
opi-pc-plus add lights to orange pi cam holder 2 years ago
rail-laser added first rail laser test 1 year ago
revolver-mount added revolver mount/stand 2 years ago
shower-hack add shower stuff 2 years ago
tablet-mount Added first tablet mount tests 2 years ago
.gitignore Dont add gcode to repo 2 years ago
fahrradtasche.scad add stuff 2 years ago
fahrradtasche.stl add stuff 2 years ago
ikea-regal-conn.scad add stuff 2 years ago
ikea-regal-conn.stl add stuff 2 years ago