53 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas Buck ae468b3bde use dev branch of AsyncTelegram lib 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck fc77898f94 Use AsyncTelegram2 instead of Universal-Arduino-Telegram-Bot. 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck fedf9a19a9 fix mqtt and telegram apis 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck ac92d1686c add ability to trigger watering cycles via MQTT 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 274197f83f Add Universal-Arduino-Telegram-Bot library and implement simple bot. 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 3a80536871 add support for dark-mode in web ui 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck a0f699d41d in fullauto mode run pumps as a last step to really empty the lines as far as possible. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 188b07f1b9 dont allow fullauto with less than configured amount of plants (2) 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 5221bbb176 fix fert pumps running after pressing button to stop them 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck e4b0cf60b1 remove duplicated influxdb error handling 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 1d21b0d2d6 fix fullauto mode. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck bada1f33df add full-auto mode. tweaks to web ui. allow use without wifi. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 6e16d0483c revert back to older esp32 platform version. had issues getting a wifi ip. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck e8741d2154 update for new esp32 lib 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck b4660ef453 differing runtimes per pump 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck a14515c3ec fix build for other platforms. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 4dab9e16f5 add support for kickstarting gravity-fed valves with a pump. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 70659caf77 support door locks, with optional pin entry. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 6de07b6cc9 add support for PCF8574 gpio expansion 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck fa9a8e38eb fix number input when staying in same state 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 2af8534424 fix invisible number input in webui. add aux indicator to webui and websocket. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 85d1e25412 add aux relais channels and fertilizer stirring menu. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck f685f39044 add influx calibration script, readme note. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 4e003e26f7 record times of filling and watering of single plants in db, to calibrate flowrates. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 54b445edb9 various fixes. return to init screen on idle. missing fillnwater case. added some influx export scripts for testing. prepared for automation menu. 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck e3a0f762a0 Add mode to do filling and watering in one step. Added missing Influx lib to ESP8266 build. 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck a0082fb343 Added support for InfluxDB logging of fertilizer and plant watering events 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 48de5aefd7 made string shorter to fit runtimes with 4 digits. fixed indentation. 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 5c39537cf7 added ability to water multiple plants at once 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 2fe92085db updated default timings 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck deaee1ec3f small safety update 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck f2f8b1c6a7 more readme 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 6fa387d1b4 Added GPLv3 license. Extended Readme. 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 66744bb6c9 make sensor check in valve and pump menu optional 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 3ae0b30009 stop when sensors show empty tank in valve run mode 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 30aa0a8a35 properly switch relais gpios high when inactive. 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 76c9a73d02 Added optional GPIO test and fixed pin numbering 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck fd96a91e08 Scroll log buffer to end on pageload and show build date. 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 9b3b5e21b4 fix read/write of special symbols via I2C 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 10e1c8bab5 Only send websocket broadcasts when someone is connected 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 14242852ac Make I2C pins configurable on ESP32 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck cfb10e9620 Make sure SerialLCD does not show a splash screen 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 08c22aff7e Make sensor inputs invertable 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 2e2bf09f49 Added debug log output to web with history buffer 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 7fa4a40284 increased version to 0.2, added links, refactored statemachine enum 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 3b6145cef3 added gpio status to websocket and webui 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 829c587926 added websocket lib, UI control now possible via webinterface 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 3182c9ffaa Fist version actually running on ESP, now with working WiFi stuff 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 82a56ea9dc Now works with two distributed units connected via i2c 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck caff88085f Started adding ESP support 3 years ago