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  Thomas Buck 109bdf6b53 add double capsule caddy 1 week ago
  Thomas Buck 0f10aa42fd add am8 mounting plates 4 months ago
  Thomas Buck 7c17791e3c strengthen dt770 bt holder 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 8cf5395c5f add dt770 bluetooth mount 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 42c24d4e8a added basetech power supply front replacement 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck f54dc71aa8 added modifications to i3 e3d v6 direct extruder 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 5ea86ec792 added original i3 e3dv6 direct extruder files 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 9c699b6e67 add lack light switches 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 78082c1be8 add ikea lack stuff 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck c8300e3ba5 updates for giessomat 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck e88b722286 added more giess-o-mat stuff 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 173ac27982 added giess-o-mat files 1 year ago
  Thomas Buck 6ada55dd8e added grow lamp mount 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 6d93a16621 optimizing rail-laser (v2) 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 7b354a68ec finished rail-laser 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck 0468dd7eaa added first rail laser test 2 years ago
  Thomas Buck dad2a6965f Merge branch 'master' of git.xythobuz.de:thomas/3d-print-designs 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck b3218fe585 add stuff 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 4b28027abc add shower stuff 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 223cc723e5 Merge branch 'master' of git.xythobuz.de:thomas/3d-print-designs 3 years ago
  Thomas Buck 1f86d6e8bf improved 15mm firework launcher 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 48e312b6a4 added revolver mount/stand 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck c8835e1918 Added first tablet mount tests 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck d905a36535 add universal dual-color sign 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 86a44e53e2 first 15mm firework test 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck caf5d815e9 Slight changes to co2 bottle cap adapter 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 56614ea20b Dont add gcode to repo 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 2c65c84a60 add lights to orange pi cam holder 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck bf902b19a3 Add pics for hdd cage 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 3123194287 add cocktail machine lid 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 872831fe68 Final iteration of hdd cage 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 7b23b7acfd Add Lian Li HDD Cage design 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck d84514355d Added i3 Power button mount 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck 6fcfe6bd94 Moved slicing profiles into folder 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck ff2f7b8e44 Added slic3r config for CTC i3 Pro B 4 years ago
  Thomas Buck cdae11a9b2 Added FabMin raspi0 and relay board mounts 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck c0d29f91e7 Slight tweaks to FabMin display holder 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck cda3ee8772 Merge different Orange Pi case versions 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck 013f54e778 Updated example Cura configs 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck 6dbdb026d8 Added OrangePi PC Plus related stuff 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck 79c1c8a2f2
Tweaked i3 config 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck c3fd9eabb1
Added CTC i3 config 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck bd220ce9b8
New start G-Code for new Marlin version on Fabrikator Mini 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck b0ad2ac0ea
BottleCap Adaptor update 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck c1d7d28732
First proper version of BottleCap adapter 5 years ago
  Thomas Buck 1b42f43e23 Added GoPro screw knob and some photos 6 years ago
  Thomas Buck b143784a66 Added longer rear landing gear 6 years ago
  Thomas Buck 0015406c47 Added custom FPV top plate 6 years ago
  Thomas Buck e7beff8e6c ESR Meter publish 6 years ago
  Thomas Buck e1cd0751c6 Simple case for AVR ESR meter 6 years ago